FDS's strengths go beyond its own software development. FDS Project Services aim to make your projects a success when a third party is writing the code. Consider FDS Project Services when:

  • You are engaged with a supplier, but want a second opinion to make sure you are getting value for money.
  • You mean to outsource the programming itself to a specialist shop, maybe overseas, but feel they may need the benefit of someone who understand how their technology can best empower a UK business.
  • You are keen to develop a workable functional or technical specification for a software project before putting it out to tender.

We can help you steer your project and coordinate all participants to bring it in on target, on time and within budget. We can also involve Faulconbridge's intellectual property consultants to make sure you keep overall control of all components.

FDS is always willing to forge relationships with third parties and ultimately bring an integrated effort to fruition.

Contact projects@faulconbridge.co.uk